Hi, I'm Shree

Shree Krishna Lamichhane

I am a software developer with 3+ years of experience as a freelancer and 1+ year of experience as a DevOps engineer. I have a strong background in programming and am proficient in various frameworks and architectures. I have a proven track record of developing and maintaining software applications. I am seeking opportunities to continue learning and growing as a developer. I have experience with various tools and technologies and have a track record of successfully using them to deliver high-quality software solutions.



  • Proficient in JavaScript, TypeScript, PHP, Python , and C++
  • Basic knowledge on Java, .NET and Swing
  • Experience with web frameworks including Laravel, React, Socket.io, and Express
  • Experience with CSS frameworks : Bootstrap, and Tailwind
  • Strong understanding of MVC pattern, Microservice, and Client-Server Architecture
  • Proficient with databases including MySQL, MongoDB, Redis, SQLite, and MariaDB
  • Experience with Firebase, Cloud Firestore & Cloud Storage
  • Experience with Agile, Waterfall and Incremental Developement Methodology
  • Proficiency with AppStore and PlayStore app publishing
  • Working knowledge on Cloudflare and its features
  • Experience on managing DNS and configurations
  • Proficient with Docker and Docker Compose
  • Working knowledge of Nginx, Apache, Cpanel and VPS Management
  • Working experience with AWS, Google Cloud, linode and Digital Ocean
  • Proficient with Git and GitHub
  • Knowledge on SOLID and DRY Principles
  • Experience with CI/CD Pipeline and Github Actions
  • Knowledge on Markdown and Documentation
  • Working knowledge on Use Case Diagram, C4 Diagram, ER - model, CPM Diagram, DFD, Decision Tree & Table



  • TWT Mobile App With AR

    Type : Client Project

    TWT Mobile App is a cross-platform mobile application developed for The Wadi Tribe FZ LLC. It includes features such as user authentication, user profiles, and a visually appealing user interface. The app's standout feature is its AR functionality, which allows children to watch the characters of digital books come to life. In addition, the app includes a book reading feature that allows children to read and interact with these digital story books. Completed the project within 7 months (June 2022 - Dec 2022).

    Components used:
    • TypeScript
    • MicroService
    • MySQL
    • REST API and JWT
    • Nginx, Docker and Docker Compose
    • Flutter
    • ARCore and ARKit
    • PlayStore and AppStore Publishing
    • SOLID Principle

  • Music Central

    Type : Client Project

    MusicCentral is a platform where music lovers can share their thoughts, creations, and images, connect with other music enthusiasts, and discover new music. Completed the project within 4 months (May 2022 - Aug 2022).

    Components used:
    • Laravel(PHP)
    • MVC Pattern
    • MySQL
    • Blade Templeting Engine
    • SOLID Principle

  • Chat CLI

    Type : Personal Project

    CLI Chat is a terminal-themed real-time chat application with rooms where users can join and chat with others. It's a unique and fun way for users to connect with each other through a chat platform that resembles a command-line interface. With Chat CLI, users can join different rooms, participate in group discussions, and even create their own rooms for more focused conversations. Completed the project within 4 months (Apr 2022 - May 2022).

    Components used:
    • Javascript
    • Bootstrap
    • MVC Pattern
    • Socket.io

  • Nepweds Portfolio

    Type : Client Project

    Nepweds Portfolio is a professional photography website featuring galleries, a modern user interface, and options for shopping and checkout, including cash on delivery. Completed the project within 5 months (Nov 2021 - Apr 2022).

    Components used:
    • Laravel(PHP)
    • MVC Pattern
    • MySQL
    • Blade Templeting Engine
    • SOLID Principle

  • More projects here


  • BSC CSIT, Asian College of Higher Studies, 2018 - now
  • +2, Capitol Hill College, 2016 - 2018

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